Mobile Phone Signal Boosters – Make your signal always accessible!

Signal reception on your mobile phone is weak? Do not worry! There exist certain appliances which help to amplify GSM or 3G signals in an easy way.  It’s possible to get rid of all problems with poor cellular signals and scarce coverage with the help of a special device – mobile phone signal booster.

This equipment has the ability to improve weak signals of a mobile phone and fill in the lack of coverage. Mobile repeaters which intensify GSM signal or calls are called GSM boosters, those ones which stabilize 3G internet data transmission have the name of 3G boosters. Cellular repeaters improve the signal at any place where mobile phones may not work well:  at home, in the office or car, in areas such as parking lots, subways and garages or in mountainous areas.

The principle of work of the booster is quite easy. Just install a device and an indoor antenna in the place with poor signal, another outdoor antenna is positioned in the area which is ​​at least minimally covered (it’s usually recommended to choose the roof of the house or office). The mobile signal is captured by the outdoor antenna, it passes through the cable to a repeater where it gets amplified. Then already amplified the signal passes through a cable that connects a mobile repeater with an internal antenna and thus cellular coverage all over the area is provided. The process of installation is neither time-consuming nor tiresome so anyone will manage it even without special knowledge or qualification.

A simple and economical method to reduce dropped calls and improve quality of 3G signal reception is to use boosters from MyAmplifiers. The company works in the market of mobile phone appliances for more than 4 years and officially represent well-known booster brands. It even developed its own booster brand, repeaters of which are marked as Nikrans models.

The benefits, which you’ll get when purchasing a booster with shop, are rather obvious. Among them we could mention:

– Easy and quick installation;

– convenient and effective use;

– well-thought full kit that contains a GSM/3G repeater, indoor and outdoor antennas with cables, power supply and manual

– CE and RoHS certifications

– two-year warranty

Repeaters of MyAmplifiers operate all over the world as their online shop offers boosters compatible with all existing signal types from traditional GSM and 3G to the latest 4G.

Now the lack of a mobile device at hand makes feel us nervous, out of place, helpless and isolated from the rest of the globe! MyAmplifiers boosters will provide you with permanent contact with your friends, relatives or colleagues and make you forget about poor mobile signals forever!

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