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Mixer of two servo signals for V-Tailed airplanes

This is nice tiny project that RC hobbyist may find useful. Mixer takes teo servo control signals and provides the sum and differential on two output channels. It can be used to control two servos of V tailed airplane or any other vehicle which has differential driving system.



V-Tail mixer uses Attiny13 AVR microcontroller and just few elements. So it is lightweight that makes it ideal for modeling. It’s other features are:

  • Compatible with standard servo pulses (1ms…2ms);
  • High 1200points resolution;
  • Two Futaba standard servo input and output connectors;
  • Selectable Fail-safe function (middle servo position or no output servo pulse);
  • Small size: 40mm x 15mm x 6mm;

Assembly source code is available for download and compile.

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