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Missed AVR fuses? – Second chance with fuse doctor

Setting AVR fuses can be a real pain in the ass – especially for newbies. Well, not anymore – theoretically, there is nothing with fuses that cannot be undone. One condition – you need proper tools. To repair fuses, you actually need an HV programmer, which is actually easy to build. Especially this one so-called “Fuse Doctor.”

The actual board is designed to support ATTiny2313, ATmega8, ATmega16/32 microcontrollers in DIP-packages. It has a long list of supported AVR chips. Most of them have to be connected somehow externally via your own adapters or another way. What is good about it? – It’s cheap, it’s simple, and it doesn’t need a computer to operate. All tasks are done by preprogrammed ATmega8, which detects the chip by reading its signature and repairs fuses to factory settings with only one button click.  Just put your messed MCU into the socket and click Start to detect and reset fuses to normal condition.  Additionally, a connecter would like to connect an RS232 adapter and see how the healing process is working in the terminal window. So if you would like to have a backup plan for your AVRs, you should definitely build this one – otherwise, you can always buy a new chip.

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  4. This firmware is a fake !
    The software size is to big to flash memory ,ATmega8 ,12Kb .
    Exemple :
    atmega_fusebit_doctor_2.01_BETA.HEX = 21KB
    atmega_fusebit_doctor_2.09_m168.hex =31 KB

    If use first-release-03-05-2010 ,the microcontroler ATmega 8 is blocked !!
    I d’ont recomand to test this software ,only scop of the autor is to damage your microcontroler !!
    Be carefull !!

  5. Keep in mind that hex file is always bigger than actuall binary stored in FLASH. This is due t oadditional information wrapped arround. If you want your file match size then use .bin file which is what youll find inside memory. I doubt this is fake – please reade whole thread in author page including comments and you’ll see this is normal and supported project.

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