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MiniTron Amplifier – The High-end Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier

Amplifier, so simply known as ‘amp’ is a tiny but magical device that changes the amplitude of a signal. The term, “transfer function” is being used to measure the input to the output of an amplifier. While, the magnitude of the transfer function is being known as the “gain”!

Amplifiers are one of the most common electronics devices, as it has over thousands of different types of amplifiers available in the market. Each of them has its own function. Amplifiers can be found in almost all of the household appliances, from the headphone amplifiers to the amplifiers that used to operate loudspeakers in PA systems.

Our today’s project is related with amplifier as well. However, it’s a special one, as the MiniTron Amplifier is a high-end vacuum tube stereo amplifier with efficiency, distortion and power output. The Minitron is fully controlled by a dsPIC30F2023, as it able to create a tracking buck converter to output voltage and tracks the audio signal.

MiniTron Amplifier

Basically, the Minitron Amplifier is separated into three main subsystems, which as:

  • A vacuum tube amplifier,

  • A DSP controller, and

  • A high-voltage switching power supply.

To be honest, the MiniTron Amplifier is one of the most finest amplifiers, where it can be used to match the radically different worlds of high-voltage analog and low-voltage microcontrollers.

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