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Miniswarm – Arduino radio module

Arduinos are getting more and more shapes. Of course there is always a standard form factor in front, but need for smaller size, specialized tasks gives a stimulus to build non standard Arduino based boards. Gregor and Jonathan saw an empty niche for RF Arduino started pretty interesting project that ended with mini SWARM – Arudino that uses ATmega128RFA1. This AVR already comes with RF transceiver.

arduino miniswarm

Min SWARM comes as small USB stick with all standard Arduino I/Os, LiPo connector for battery powered applications. They ported Atmel’s Lightweight Mesh library to Arduino for simple use. Using this library it is possible to program Arduino over-the-air – wirelessly. While this board is still in development it already looks attractive and prefect choice for many cool projects. More technical info here.

Small wideo demonstration of miniSWARM


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