Miniature ARM baord

ARM development boards always been bigger, and more complex than other 8-bit systems. But things are different now – ARM also can be smaller but yet more powerful embedded devices than PICs or AVRs. We already know that ARM processor can be as small as 8 pin chip. LPC810 ARM Cortex M0+ is one of great examples. And you know you don’t need much to get it running. Jan built probably smallest ARM device with this chip which can be used in many cool projects where bigger processing power is needed. For instance in wearable electronics projects.


The board (which is called Catweazle) consists of LPC810 processor in DIP package, 3.3V LDO linear regulator and LED which indicates when it is set to ISP programming mode. Controller can be programmed via UART by using any USB TTL cable and standard software like Flash Magic. Board has 6 I/O for normal use. Chip carries 4K of flash, 1 K of SRAM, 2 timers, hardware SPI, I2C and UART. And most importantly this is a true 32-bit controller for $1

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