Mini-D – The Awesome Desulfator

Do you know that up to 70 percent of the electronics projects are required batteries as the operator? Have you ever built the battery desulfator before? If you haven’t hear about it before, then you should read this whole article right now…

You must be wondered, “What is battery desulfator?” For your information, desulfator is the device that used to reverse the process of sulfation, which is occur to a lead-acid battery over time. Normally, desulfation can be used to restore, at least partially, the ability of the battery to hold a charge over the life of the battery.

Mini-D desulfator

Mini-D is a specially-designed desulfactor, which is can be operated with 12V lead-acid batteries. This device can restore new life to batteries, which have been sitting without a charge for extended periods!

Basically, desulfation removes sulfur crystals that formed around the lead plates. Sulfur crystals begin to form, if a battery is stored at a voltage of less than 12.3V. Mini-D is a very useful device, as it breaks the crystals by emitting a high frequency or high voltage, where creates a resonance inside the battery.

Please take note that on a 60lb automotive battery, it takes about three weeks to desulfate!

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