Mini Biped Robot using Attiny

This robot is a too different from the traditional bots we make. Instead of having motors which drive the wheels, this has foot and legs which are run using a servo. The robot moves as it shift weight. The robot is controllable using a normal IR remote and hence you can use your TV remote but the code will change depending upon your remote. Two servos were used for the feet and another two to move the legs to go forward or backwards. To make the project compact, a small Atiny chip is used which has 5 programmable pins which seems to be enough for the project. The chip is programmed using an Arduino

Talking about the hardware part the feet have rubber soles to prevent it from ruining furniture. The turnigy 1800A servos was used with a 3.7V battery. A good thing is that the Attiny itself is not soldered in, it can be taken away easily for programming. Seeing the size and components of the project the cost of the project is very low. The only thing which might add the cost is the Arduino which is used for programming.

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