Making old TV smart with Raspberry Pi

If you look around TVs in market you will find that most of them have lots of features. Most of them have USB port allowing to play movies from Flash media, internet access and much more. But most TVs at home are older that lack those features. And if you don’t want to throw away a good TV for a smart, then make it smarter. Tony had a spare Raspberry Pi which he installed in to his LED TV.


There are quite technical issues he had to deal with. First of all – power supply. He had to find 5V voltage that stays even when TV is turned OFF (but plugged). Second thing connectors USB and LAN connectors. In order to make them accessible, he removed one speaker and instead placed 3D printed panel with connectors. Tony didn’t loose much because he uses his own sound system. Raspberry Pi runs Raspbmc operating system that is adapted for media. Raspberry Pi connects to TV using HDMI cable inside TV case.

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