Making LED Matrix at Home

Ok, it won’t be a new project for some of you here, especially the LED Matrix. Maybe you’ve involved with LED Matrix more than once, twice or several times, but it’s still a fun to develop a brand new LED Matrix in different method.

LED Matrix

For this project, you’ll have to make an LED matrix display in 16×24 Green SMD LED matrix. Beside that, you must apply a driver for it. In this case, you can use shift registers to sink the columns and a line driver of some sort to source the rows.

To be honest, the matrix is a lot bigger, as it used eight IO lines to drive each row. Since the matrix has sixteen rows, you can use an ATmega168 and a 4:16 de-multiplexer to control all sixteen rows with only four IO pins.

The de-multiplexer can be easily combined with two 8 channel Darlington arrays and provide the excellent interface to control all sixteen rows. However, if you want to sink the columns, then it’s better to string three 8 output shift registers. Please remember that each shift register is rated to handle the current of the 8 LEDs.

Frankly, it’s simply the most incredible LED Matrix that you cannot miss!

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