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Making a 10 MHz GPS Locked Reference and Challenge Your Creativity

Do you love to challenge yourself off in the GPS niche? You have a deep interest in the GPS Locked Reference as well?
Ok, you might want to keep yourself busy with this 10MHz GPS Locked Reference.
Before you’re busy with the project yet, you need to check up the system requirements first:

  • A voltage 10Mhz crystal oscillator (We want the tunable type);
  • A GPS card (Use for outputs a detailed status message relating to its clock error);
  • An external GPS antenna (for the GPS card purpose).

First of all, make sure you only use the 10MHz voltage tuned crystal oscillator, which the frequency is locked to the GPS positioning system clock. We use the Superstar single board OEM GPS receiver for this project.
Secondly, we now will replace the internal 10MHz clock on the GPS card. This replacement will take you some time.
Then, we use a PIC microcontroller to read the serial error word that transmitted from the GPS card. Remember to have the PIC output an analog tuning voltage to the 10MHz oscillator as well.
Finally, we now able to lock the oscillator to the GPS clock system. Project files.

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