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Make Your Own Video Game

Almost everyone in their childhood have played video games that are really cheap, and features just a display, some buttons and microcontroller inside. The project is kind of a similar one and tells you how to build your own game using a very popular developing environment which is known by the name Arduino. The game developed is a 2 player shooting game along with five buttons which all act as an interrupts. The LCD- used is a normal 16×2 character LCD.

The code might look a little messy but it has been divided into different sections. One section display all the characters onto the LCD. The other section detects collision from between ships, missiles or any other obstruction. There are other section to calculate position of missiles and ships at any time. All these sections have respective function. For the interrupt section for button press, the author used a ‘pinchangeint-v2.19beta’ library which will handle all interrupts call.

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