LPC1343 based Electronic Business Card

A business card is something which represent a person’s expertise. So the author actually create a USB thumb drive circuit that contained his resume and contact information. This was also a great way to experience coding for USB applications using the Cortex M series of microcontrollers. However, this project is actually an advanced version of what he made. The earlier one was a little slow when read/write speed was concerned and also a little heavy on memory. Another change he made was to replace the Molex USB Connector which he did by using an board connector with the help of three electrical tapes.


The card has been built around a LPC1343, a 48 pin IC with a built-in USB ROM library, and an Atmel AT45DB series flash chip that would become the storage. The source code of the ARM Cortex M processor as well as the IC is available along with the Eagle library of different parts used so that you can create your own circuit.

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