LPC-Xpresso Board

The LPC812 is an ARM Cortex M0 by NXP Semiconductor which boast of 16K of flash and 4k of Ram at 30 MHz clock rate. This project is actually a breakout board for the NXP LPC812M101JPH20 microcontroller and has on board push buttons for reset and activating the boot loader. Since the project is hosted on Github, it has all the code, necessary libraries and even the Eagle library of different components along with the PCB design available, so that you can start from scratch and get the controller to work by making the circuit all by yourself.


The board has an integrated 500mA 3.3V LDO to supply both the MCU and connected devices from the USB port. The device can be programmed while using the internal bootloader and on your computer a popularly known software called Flash Magic which is easily available to download. More over the development environment for the above mentioned microprocessor is also available to download.

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