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Low budget feature rich multimeter

In my opinion multimeter is a number one tool on every electronics engineering bench. There is no question that at least one multimeter should be reliable and rigid. They usually cost more but you can use it with confidence. In most cases one multimeter isn’t simply enough. Some measurements can engage even four multimeters and more. If you are serious about electronics, you need to have several of them. Not all of them should be expensive and top brand. Practice shows that mid-range brands perform pretty well and in some cases can offer additional features that you may find useful.


Let’s look at $50 range multimeter OWON B35 which looks pretty attractive with all of its features and look. Neat thing is that it comes with Blue-tooth 4.0 connectivity enabling it to be used along with Android application. The standard features include:

LCD screen size : 69mm x 52mm

Max. Display: 6000 Count

DC Voltage: 60.00mV / 600.0mV / 6.000V / 60.00V

AC Voltage: 60.00mV / 600.0mV / 6.000V / 60.00V

DC Current: 600.0uA / 6.000mA / 60.00mA / 600.0mA / 6.000A

AC Current: 600.0uA / 6.000mA / 60.00mA / 600.0mA / 6.000A / 20.00A

Input Impedance: 10Megohm

Resistance : 600.0Ohm / 6.000Kiloohm / 60.00Kiloohm / 600.0Kiloohm / 6.000Megohm / 10.00Megohm / 60.00Megohm

Frequency: 9.999Hz / 99.99Hz / 999.9Hz / 9.999KHz /99.99KHz / 999.9KHz / 9.999MHz

Capacitance: 40.00nF / 400.0nF / 4.000uF / 40.00uF / 400.0uF / 4000uF

Temperature: -50 to 400Centigrade; -58 to 752Fahrenheit


Among the standard features it also includes data logging feature where meter readings including temperature can be logged to mobile app. Special chart mode on display allows to see trend line. LCD supports 6000 count full scale. Multimeter is powered by two 1.5V AA cells.

The design looks simple and intuitive. Large screen gives clear view of results. The price tag is also reasonable – you cannot expect more. Grab it from GearBest with coupon code: FEW65

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