Lord Vetinari’s Clock Using a PIC12F683 gives visitors a creep

Have you guys ever heard of Lord Havelock Vetinari? For those who don’t know him – he is a fictional character in  Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and he has a very weird way of keeping visitors. His clock moves in an erratic manner giving the observant visitor the creeps.

This project simulates Lord Vetinari’s Clock while still keeping the correct time – well since the seconds hand is moving randomly the minutes and hours hand still keeps the correct time.  A PIC12F683 clocked at 32.768Khz is used to trigger the movement of the seconds hand. Since the pic is run at 32.768Khz it consumes very small power while making the timing easy to sync with the clock. The PIC12F683 module is placed outside the clock casing so that if you want to quit the creepy game off you could just remove the tapped wires to the coil. The clock itself is still powered using its original power supply of 2 AA batteries making this a near plug (actually solder) and play!

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