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Look Carefully! It is a Message Pump Not a Massage Pump!

Guys, have you ever been mixed up with the word “message” and “massage”? Well, if you did then try not to blame yourself, as these two words were very similar and most of the people will misspell and misuse it all the time!

Let’s back to the topic… Today, you will have the chance to create a tiny but powerful “Message Pump,” where it is a intelligent device that can be used to connect a LCD display directly to your computer or laptop.

For your information, it uses a PIC microcontroller to drive the LCD and a FTDI USB to serial chip to connect to your computer. What is so great about the FTDI chip is the drivers are compatible for Windows, Linux and Macintosh!

Basically, the principle of FTDI chip is works by creating a VCP or also known as Virtual com port. If you’re using an Arduino Diecimila, then you may already have these drivers on your computer.

One of the easiest ways to use the Message Pump is to open Hyper-terminal or other terminal software, select and open the COM port for the Message Pump, then just start typing any words on it! The words that you’ve been typed will be displayed onto the LCD display.

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