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Linux development boards

Today, in the market there are variety of Linux Development Boards available which run on embedded Linux environment and also possess GUI capabilities. To name a few, we have RASPBERRY PIE, and also a series of BEAGLE BOARDS by Texas Instruments. However there are also some board that have certain extra features that we are not aware off. A first great classification can be done by taking into account the board processors or, better, the SoC (System On a Chip) that the device features. These are layered systems made of a CPU, a GPU and one or more RAM memory modules. Porting GNU / Linux from Intel x86 processors to these SoCs is a challenging task.

linux development boards

A second classification criterion can be that of the presence or absence of GPIO and communication devices on dedicated connectors. A third type of classification comes from the different boot processes, which also involves different procedures for installing GNU / Linux. According to the mentioned characteristics they have tried to determine the ideal use case of the different devices: teaching, embedded development, networking or office work.

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