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Line Maze Solver – Experience The Fun Moment!

Love to play the line maze games, but always frustrating when you’re cannot find the suitable type of line maze robots?

Ok, since you’re excited about this game, why don’t you make a “Line Maze Solver” by yourself?

line-maze solver robot

First thing first, this project didn’t involve any Arduino, but it’s driven by a mega168, which had been programmed using the Arduino IDE. The PID control is used and it’s main purpose are:

  • Follow the lines accordingly
  • Timing-based turns once it has identified the right path
  • Ensure it detect the intersection and didn’t miss it

If you want to boost up the robot’s performance, test to insert a 200-byte array for storing the intersection. For encode the four possible intersection options (right, left, straight and back), you only need two bits for it.

Therefore, you can optimize the code to make the 200-byte array to store up to 800 intersections (Apply another 200-byte array into this robot if you want, and this for storing the lengths of all the line segments in between intersections).

Hope you will enjoy the line maze solver and sharing the fun moment with your friends or family!

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