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Let’s Have Some Great Moment with The Simple Solar Circuits!

When the gas prices skyrocketing above $140 per barrel, you guys must have suffering from the high gas prices at that moment. The thing that relief us here is the gas price has already reached below $70 per barrel and the experts expected that it would keep falling to a lower price in the near few weeks…

The point is why you need to pulling out the green cows from your wallet since you can keep it safely here? Well, if you have a deep interest on the simple solar circuit, then today is your lucky day, as you’ll have the chance to get started adding solar power to your small electronics projects.

Well, although this is a small and simple solar circuit, but you should never judging it based on the appearance, as it can be used to power small solar and battery powered night lights, garden lights and maybe a spooky decorations for the upcoming Halloween night!

Just added the simple solar circuit inside a well carved beautiful pumpkin, and watch its eyes faded in and out one at a time. Hope you will have a nice and unforgettable Halloween night!

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