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Let’s Have Some Fun with Arduino Perpetual Pendulum!

Did you still remember that in the elementary school, your science teacher would bring some interesting and sometime freaky experiment stuffs into the science class? Instead of observing the ant colony, there still many other science projects that you need to get involved, such as the movement and synchronization of pendulum!

Isn’t this a fun thing to watch and observe the Pendulum hitting and waiving in each other simultaneously? If you have the curiosity and want to know how the pendulum working out, then today is the day, as you will learn to set up a pendulum by your own!

Honestly, this project is simple very simple, even the elementary students can work it out too. You may want to develop a pendulum with a small magnet on its end, place an electromagnet beneath to enable the pendulum to be swung and energized the electromagnet briefly from time to time. This final step must be done so that it would swing “forever”!

Remember one important thing here that the electromagnet works best, if under the swing of the pendulum, but not at the end of the swing! So, it’s time to have fun with your pendulum…

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