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Let’s Have Some Fun Moment with this Electronic Recorder

You have nothing else to do during the weekend and you don’t want to spend your time wandering all around the neighborhood? Well, maybe this electronic recorder will keep you busy for the whole day.

This project doesn’t require too much of components and it can be accompanied by a simple game that can be used to learn to play the recorder. Actually, the recorder is a musical instrument and it consists a hallow tube with eight holes (seven holes on top and one on the bottom). A player is blow into a mouthpiece and it manipulates the user fingers over the holes to play notes.


You have to pay attention on the three main components of this project: A controller component, an audio component, and a video component. Different parts have its own function:

Controller component

It simulates an actual recorder with a series of pushbuttons, where it representing the holes and a microphone in the mouthpiece. It is used to detect when a user is blowing into it.

Audio component

It reproduces the correct note frequencies corresponding to what holes on the recorder are being covered and whether the user is blowing the recorder.

Video component

It displays what note the user is currently playing and what notes are being covered.

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