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LED Sunrise Alarm Clock Will Help You Away From The SAD!

Sometimes, people are very vulnerable, as they’re having constantly getting affected by the environment’s changes surrounding them. Let’s take an example. Did you know that there is a disease called ‘SAD’ (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and only happens on people during the winter?

Basically, SAD is a mood disorder. Although it can’t be deadly, but it will cause some severe symptoms on the people, such as irritability, oversleeping, tiredness, not being able to get out of bed on time, depression and joint pain. Honestly, it can be very torturing, as the people who getting this SAD needs to suffer with it throughout the winter.

LED Sunrise Alarm Clock

In order to avoid the problem happening on you, it’s better for you to build a LED Sunrise Alarm Clock.

Well, believe it or not, this small LED Sunrise Alarm Clock would provide adequate bright light, just like the sunrise’s light. Every time when the alarm clock is ringing, it starts to emit the bright sunrise light, which is mean time to wake up from bed!

The project is built and run on an ATmega168, where is fully open source. You wouldn’t have any problem to get this thing done, even all by yourself.

Don’t just standing there, grab the chance, develop a LED Sunrise Alarm Clock, and wipe the SAD away during the winter.

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