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LED Dog Collar – keeps your dog safe at night

Ken has two dogs, one of them ‘sunshine’ likes to run around when given the chance to go out. This gives him worries since she could be hit by a car. To lessen his worries he rigged up a bunch of LEDs into a dog collar. The LEDs are connected to an AVR ATTINY2313 microcontroller.

Current limiting resistors are used to regulate current that flows through the LEDs. The entire electronic set up including the ATTINY2313 and the LEDs are powered using 3 AAA batteries. The PCB was made using toner transfer method while an arduino was used as an ISP to program the ATTINY2313. The good thing about building DIY stuff in your home is that what ever you do you always find a way to utilize hot glue – the electronic components in the board is covered with hot glue, the LEDs are helt to place by hot glue and the PCB was mounted on the collar with [what else?] HOT GLUE!



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