LED Based Fireflies

This project is about a LED based asynchronous fireflies which were used as a Christmas project. The aim of the project was to make a low-power, low parts count module that can sense when it’s dark and then mimic the blinking patterns accordingly. For the project he’s using an Atiny85 along with an external clock which was programmed by setting external fuse-bits which is a conventional way to set clock source or frequency in almost all type of AVR’s


A good things about the project is, it’s completely hand-made and that include the making PCB’s at home. To etch the PCB cupric chloride was used which is one of the quickest process to etch PCB but the time might depends upon the temperature. Also, to transfer the PCB design, from the computer to PCB, tone transfer method was used which is very impressive. An impressive project overall, but the complexity can be reduced if one uses in internal clock.

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