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LC meter using a PIC18F2550

Most modern DMMs (Digital MultiMeters) have a built in option for measuring values of discrete components including resistance in Ohms, capacitances in Farads and inductances in Henrys. Of course we are familiar with the V=IR rule to measure resistances, but how does the DMM measure capacitances and inductances?

Jus the cool guy who shared the Mini-STM32 player made this microcontroller based LC meter to demonstrate the theory behind measuring the values of capacitors and inductors. Jus used a reference capacitor with a known value of 1.0nF +/- 5% and a PLL oscillator with a 48MHz frequency range along with a PIC18F2550’s frequency counter to tune into the unknown value of the component. The project comes with a UI which connects with the PIC18F2550 using PIC’s HID class.

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