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Lab 2 Lunar Lander GAME

This is a project done by the students from Cornell University. The idea was to have a full hardware and software video game solution that is able to use real-time motion tracking as control input to a video game. With the help of motion- tracking technology, they simulated a gun which works on finger/hand movement and the movements are displayed on a VGA monitor. For the game, they have used an Altera DE2 board with a CycloneII FPGA to implement the video processing core.


The video input is taken from video camera that outputs an NTSC signal that is processed to extract RGB values from the image in the camera’s field of vision and all that is possible because of power of FPGA parallel processing. The game is fairly playable if it is handled correctly and may require multiple tries to get it to work properly. Many parameters are either limited by hardware or tuned specifically for the game. Overall, I would say, that it’s an excellent project with the help of a FPGA and is something which I would have definitely enjoyed it making.

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