Kohtauskone – A Great Device to Control Strobe Light through DMX Protocol

The word, “Kohtauskone” might sound a little bit strange, but it’s a very interesting project that you should keep your eyes on it.

Kohtauskone is a small project that can be used to control strobe light through DMX protocol. Basically, it’s built on top of a Pro Mini Arduino with simple DMX driver circuit.

For your information, it has a button to kick the action, rotating switch for choosing different presents and one switch for future expansion. Did you know that you could control any DMX device with this hardware, especially the strobe light?


Since the Pro Mini is quite tiny, you have to build the whole thing and fix it into the smaller box. Honestly, most of the people didn’t know what is the point of using a non USB version of Arduino board. In this situation, it would be the perfect example of the project, where you won’t have to fit Duemilanove inside the tiny box.

The very first step is to build a DMX driver. You must use the instruction at Arduino Playground to develop the circuit on tiny piece of circuit board. The circuit gets power through Arduino and then outputs ‘+’ and ‘-’data lines to XLR jack.

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