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Keykeriki – The Finest Wireless Keyboard Sniffer

Microsoft is the tycoon in the computer software industry, which it monopoly over 90 percent of the computer operating system with its amazing “Windows” edition!

For those who have a Microsoft wireless keyboard, you might want to figure out the way to decode the Microsoft keyboard. Honestly, it wasn’t as hard as you thought!

By using the Keykeriki, the universal wireless keyboard sniffer, you can decode the Microsoft keyboard easily. For your information, it’s an open source hardware and software project. It enables you to verify the security level of the keyboard transmissions, and demonstrate the sniffing attacks. This means, the Keykeriki allows the user to eavesdrop on what is being typed, by simply analyzing the electromagnetic signals produced with each keystroke.

Technically, the Keykeriki is build based on the Texas Instruments TRF7900 chip, which is controlled by an ATMEL ATmega microcontroller. An SD Card interface is included into the board layout for logging abilities.

Keyboard Sniffer Keykeriki from Max Moser on Vimeo.

You can power up the board directly via the USB bus or a 5V power source. As the user, you have the choice, either to use a decent terminal application or the keyctrl software, after you’ve connected a computer USB port on the Keykeriki!

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