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It’s Time to Mess With Gravity with Gravitron!

Gravity is a very strange and bizarre thing. Well, you cannot see, touch or hear it, but it does exist in our life! Honestly, have you ever imagined the life without the existence of gravity? WoW, isn’t it fabulous or it would become a disaster?

Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton, the incredible English mathematician who accidently discovered the gravity, where an apple was hitting his head when he was resting under an apple tree! (Good lord, I wished that I can be hit by a coconut, as maybe I can come out with some new formulas! lol)

If you have the interest to explore the gravity deeper, then this Gravitron is the ideal device that you’ve searching for!


As you can see on the above figure, the Gravitron’s cover is actually a half ping pong ball. When you look even closer, there’s a red dot on the rim and it’s always stayed up. Of course, you can try to turn it whenever you want, but the red dot will go up again afterward!


Under the cover, the internal construction consists of 12 Micro SideLeds and is fully-connected to an ATmega168 microcontroller. In addition, an ADXL322 is used as accelerometer in this project!

Ok, I’ll let it to you and remember to have fun with this awesome Gravitron.

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