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It’s Time to Build a Wireless Arduino!

For those of you that have been involved with the Arduino microcontroller, you must be very familiar with the characteristic and all the features. After all, Arduino microcontroller is one of the most famous and costless microcontrollers, which has been gained its popularity amongst the home hobbyists.

For your information, this wireless Arduino system is offers an easy and free open-source method for all the programming microcontrollers. This means, this wireless programming Arduino is using a serial cable or USB cable, which it can be simply attached directly to the microcontroller project without further modification.

However, what if your project is floating in a weather balloon, glued to the bottom of a swimming pool or baked into a loaf of bread? Then, what will you do to overcome this matter? Therefore, it’s still be great to upload code changes wirelessly, and it will be even better if you could do it from several kilometers away!

Technically, this is not a very hard Arduino based project and you can get it done within hours, and can start your adventure by open up your project and allowing others to change the code on your microcontroller.

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  1. ? odd i just posted an update to this project that requires less hardware and doesn’t need custom reset firmware


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