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It is a Firework Ignition System or a James Bond Case?

Do you feeling bore and would like to have some interesting thing in your life? Well, you will be amazed and pleased if you’re one of the fans of this Firework ignition system!

For those of you that never seen a firework ignition before, it is an enclosure with a set of light switches that could be used to set off fireworks by simply passing current through a strand of nichrome wire.

Basically, the fireworks ignition system can be used to control over 30 unique channels and each of the channel will consist a transistor circuit that switches the power source on and off easily. If the system not in use, there is a DC input jack mounted that allows for recharging through wall wort.

Beside that, an arming key was also has been incorporated as a safety mechanism by a serial port set at 38.4 kbps. By going through this port, the user can freely set the state of any of the channels, check the status of the arming key, and get the voltage of the battery without even a hassle at all!

By the way, don’t forget to put the whole thing into an stylish aluminium suitcase… and be careful when using 😉

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