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Intrinsically safe mobile phones and smart phones

Mobile phones may not seem to be dangerous to use. But in specific situations you wouldn’t want to turn one on unless you are guaranteed it won’t cause a trouble. The case we are talking about is explosive risky environments. And you would be surprised how close they are near us. Garage, gas filling station fills in that category. We are not talking about working facilities where workers like to carry cell phones around. Simple drop or call may produce a spark which may lead to disaster. Some manufacturers specialize on building intrinsically safe mobile phones. They are ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) certified, what means that they are safe enough (we say safe enough, because no one ever can give 100% guarantee) to work in chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical areas where gas and explosive dust may be present.

What makes such devices to safe? First of all ruggedness. They have to withstand drops in order not to shatter and expose electronics. Another feature is sealing. No water, gas or dust may enter inside that may ignite. And of course proper shielding that sparks wouldn’t have passage to slip out. Today’s technologies allow mobile phones to be packed with additional features. Intrinsically safe phones are not an exception. With same safety features there are cameras, LED torches, GPS, data storage. These add-ons frees from additional equipment. For instance no need to carry around intrinsic safe camera – pictures may be taken with same smart phone. It is better to invest in to safe mobile phone than expect nothing to happen while carrying usual phones in dangerous areas. Intrinsic safe mobile phone blog has more information about potential dangers in various explosive areas.

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