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Internet0 Transceiver – Sending Data Over the Internet will Never be a Matter Anymore

Living in the 21st century world, you mostly get in touch with the IP related stuffs everyday life. That’s why you should create/develop an Internet0 transceiver, which it will ease your data sending tasks over the internet in a standardized progress, and without even considers about the electronics or cost at all.

For today class project, you are going to create a very small yet simple internet0 transceiver device. With just a press of button, a sequence of clicks will be encoded or decoded, then encapsulated in an IP packet and will sent to a computer by serial port in a systematic sequence.

Those components that needed for this project are:

  • Transmission (Is used to send a UDP internet0 protocol)
  • A circuit board with a Tiny15
  • Assembly code
  • Lines for power and signal
  • An LED (Troubleshooting and for indicate transmission)
  • Reception (To translate the clicks to bits)
  • PC communication

The Level converter part

First of all, you need to make a level converter that will steps up the voltage coming up of the ATMega32 from 0-5 volts to -12 to 12 volts, where is it the levels that required for RS232 communication. In The RS232, a ‘1′ is for -12V and a ‘0′ is for 12V.

The level converter also uses the MAX202 chip with five 0.1uF capacitors, and it steps up the voltage and inverts the voltage so the communication can works in two directional ways.

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