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Interfacing RFM12 transceiver module

RFM12 is a transmitter and receiver module in single board. It can be powered by using 2.2V to 5.4. it makes ideal module for embedded systems. Module communicates via SPI interface.



Wigbert Picht and Dirk Milewski have made simple Atmega8 tesboard, where RFM12 module is soldered as SMD element and can be configured with jumpers. There can be any sensors connected to this board like temperature. Schematic and sample Bascom AVR program are available for download.

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  1. hello.
    please help me..
    i’m working on on a project with rfm12b.
    i get rfm12b in 915 mhz.i dont know is the mobile frequency effect on this.
    and how i can get better perfomance..
    please help me.
    thank you.

  2. hi.
    i need u help me with RFM12B.
    i want to join 2 micros by rf12b but dont know how.
    lots of thanks

  3. hi.
    i need u help me with RFM12B.
    i want to join 2 micros by rf12b reciver just recive 00.

  4. hi Mr.
    i was wondering if u could help me about rfm12 rf module,my project is comunication between 2 or more microcontrollers(pic or avr) in a wireless network,would u please send me a source code of rfm12b module(i mean how could i drive it)
    thank you

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