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Interfacing OLED displays to Arduino

You can get OLED displays cheap. They have great look when lit but can be a little complicated to interface without breakout. Thing is that you may face couple problems here. First – large number of pins in connect in parallel. And second – voltages needed. Speaking of voltages you will need two of them – interface power (most are 3.3V) and OLED voltage (12V- 16V). Rossum had three OLED displays and decided to make breakout board for them that would allow easy interfacing to Arduino.

Firs of all he dealt with interface voltage. As you may now normally Arduino operates at 5V. So he used 74HC244 octal buffer as level converter from 5V to 3.3V. In order to get OLED voltage he used FAN5331 boost converter. And finally to avoid excess wiring he stuck with SPI interface – as you may know most screen controllers support SPI interface. SPI is slower than parallel, but for small screens it turns out that it is more than enough. Project files are hosted in https://sourceforge.net/projects/smartlcd/files/.

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