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Interfacing Nokia N82 LCD to Arduino

Nokia N82 TFT is a great 2.4” LCD that can be scavenged from several Nokia models like N77, N78, N79, E66, E52, E75 and 6210S. Having such long supply list it is wort trying to hack it and use in embedded projects. Andy Brown took some time and did this for us.

Luckily he found out that LCD uses same 24-pin connector as 6300 model. Without further investigation and pinging Andy focused on building breakout board. His first step was to implement back-light LED drivers. For this he used NCP5007 constant current LED driver IC. Next step was to convert signal levels from Arduino 5V to LCD 3.3V. 74ALVC164245 16-channel level converter fits there just right. He traced schematic in to usable board which can be used with any microcontroller easily. As proof he gives a nice Arduino mega example where he was able to display images even with JPEG support.

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