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Interfacing Nokia 3510i LCD to PIC16F84

This is very simple example of interfacing Nokia 3510i LCD to PIC16F84 microcontroller. LCD connects to PIC via serial interface. The only concern may be the voltage. If microcontroller works on from 5V then it is necessary to lover it to 3.3V.pic_nokia_3510i_lcd_.jpg

The easiest way to lower voltage to 3.3V is to use voltage regulator like LM317. A simple assembly code shows how to work in a 12bit color mode. The code is written in ASM and can be compiled with MPASM compiler.

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  2. seun olanrewaju

    Please could u send me a schematic of how you connected the microcontroller to the 3510i lcd, i’ll really appreciate a rapid response.my addy is [no emails please]

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  4. Very good indeed. Does anyone have the schematic that goes with this?

  5. Great. Is it possible to have the schematic? Regards

  6. Nice job…could u send me a schematic Please.
    [email removed]

  7. Nice job could u send me a schematic Please

  8. As Geocities is closing its operations next month, the info above has been moved to http://colonelk.freeshell.org/pic16f84/index.html

    For folk requesting the schematic – one was never drawn. There are no active components apart from the LCD and the microcontroller. As the voltages are different (PIC uses 5V, LCD about 3V), level shifting is required. This is done very simply by placing 10K resistors between the ports of the PIC and the LCD. These resistors can be seen in the photo.

    A cleaner circuit using a similar LCD is here: http://colonelk.freeshell.org/s-a60/index.html

  9. Nice job…could u send me with MPASM compiler Please.

    [email removed]

  10. i like rf amp

  11. I made it and works but just wtih this code http://320volt.com/nokia-3510i-lcd-s1d15g14-arayuz-hitech-pic16f628/ I cant make it works whith the code posted here I need help.
    I dont know how use the extern and global function to print caracters and letters


  12. nice I’ve got to try this well will it be compatible to pic16f877A

  13. Well it be compatible to the pic16F877A too

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