Interactive detecting power grid load

Well this sounds interesting and seems it is even more actual. Humanity consumes more and more energy every day. When talking about electrical energy – we still depend on electricity that isn’t clean. So why not to start saving. This project won’t lower your electrical bills but will help to save mother Earth a bit.

Circuit simply tries to detect when power grid is on a heavy load and delays switching on non crucial devices until high-load period passes. From technical point of view it is enough to monitor AC frequency. If it drops a little below normal 50Hz (or 60Hz) then it indicates that line is loaded and generators feel some brake that tries to stop them. This task is led for Olimex LPC-2478-STK with ARM7 processor. It is overkill for such project but this gives more abilities like touch screen interface and WEB ability. Of course one human with such device wouldn’t make a difference but if all would add some adaptive flexibility it could lower pollution on global bases.

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