iHippo – The Artificial Intelligent Toy!

If you’ve watched the Disney animated movies, “Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa”, then you must have entertained by the Hippopotamus inside the movie! I bet you also very familiar with this slogan, “I like to move it, move it” too, isn’t it?

By the way, are you interested to develop a smart and interactive toy here? Well, have a closer look on this iHippo, as it’s an artificial intelligent toy.


This iHippo is an amazing toy that based on the Pic32. Beside that, it contains a 223-unique and original soundbites. The five original full-length songs can be used to help your children go to sleep while the random blurbs will keep you laughing all the time.

There are other interesting features about this iHippo:

A smart Parental Control Interface – It provides a “block-out” window and allows the parent to program into the iHippo, by simply using a standard RS-232 interface.

Wake-up alarm – It can be a useful alarm to get your children wake up in the morning.

Smart light sensor – It equipped with an automatic volume control based on ambient light levels. Hence, the light can be controlled according to the darkness of the environment.

Magnetic Proximity sensor – It might sounds bizarre, but this iHippo is able to eat refrigerator magnets!

What are you staring at? Let’s start the project right now! Please make sure that you’re “move it, move it” during the project!

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