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Humidity Controlled Fan

The project is having a really simpler name, but is extremely useful when it comes to day to day life. It’s actually a humidity controller bathroom fan which can be used in scenario where you don’t have any window in the bathroom. So even, a small shower would fill in the bathroom with steam. It features a DHT-11 humidity cum temperature sensor which works on SPI protocol a 12-V fan and a LED and of course an ATMEGA328 controller with an ARDUINO bootloader

The advantage of using an ARDUINO boot loader was to provide the feature of firmware upgrade in the near future. Whenever the room humidity reaches a customizable threshold (50% by default), the device flashes the bright LED for a minute, to prompt the user to open the door of the room. After that delay, one of the two Darlington transistor boards kicks in and switches the fan on, causing the air within the room to circulate, until the humidity is restored below the threshold. The case for the device is an old bathroom perfume dispenser and it offers reasonable protection to the electronics.

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