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How to use Stellaris Launchpad as logic analyzer

TI Stellaris launchpad is a cheap ARM development board. Here is a nice project where board can be put in to use. It’s a logic analyzer built around Stellaris Launchpad. The original idea came from STM32F4 based project. Fischl made it work with some decent characteristics. It has 10MHz sampling rate with 16kBytes buffer. There are total 8 channels.

Stellaris Launchpad as logic analyzer

The logic analyzer is running on Stellaris Launchpad board without any external hardware. So everyone can flash a binary and start using right away. Data is transferred to computer via virtual com port. As microcontroller ports have some voltage limitations, they apply to analyzer too. Couple pins supports up to 3.6V while rest 5V signals. Analyzer sends data using SUMP protocol, so you can see data on LigicSniffer OLS java based client software.

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  1. kiranvarma-neducations

    Yeah! your write stellaris is cheap ARM7 development board with built-in debugger. I like this project.

  2. What do I click on to get this project? Everything clickable here is a advertisement. Ok you got me and I clicked on the ads. You made your money off my clicking. Can I now please get a link? Or was it smoke and mirrors all along?

  3. There is a link Read at the end of post.

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