How to drive bipolar stepper motor with basic stamp

Bipolar stepper motors are common in printers. They are different from unipolar steppers. Bipolar steppers usually have four wires (while unipolar 5). Bipolar stepper motors can be driven by using H-bridge circuit like SN754410 from Texas Instruments.

One SN754410 IC can drive single bipolar stepper motor. In this example you may see two of them, so each motor is controlled via separate H-bridge IC. Whole circuit is built around Basic Stamp BX-24 which can be programmed by using Basic language. Sample source code is available for testing.

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  1. hai
    can you please send the schematic for the bipolar stepper motor circuit .

  2. Hi,
    can you send to me the all kinds of Step motors and all informations about it.

    thank you


  3. Hi..
    I would really appreciate if you can send me the schematic and source code…

    Thank you

  4. Did you follow the link marked as “read”

  5. sir
    can u give me ckt diagram & tutorial or information on stepper motor control using 89c51

  6. Could you mail me a diagram about how to connect a bipolar (4 wires) stepper motor to a microcontroller (like duemilanove Arduino) using an H-bridge, please?

  7. How tough would it be for any of you people to use Google or Wikipedia?

  8. This is for unipolar not bipolar, right?

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