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How to build motion activated Raspberry Pi camera

Talk2bruce was curious about cats behavior when he’s not at home. So he started motion activated camera project based on Raspberry Pi. Setup consist of standard elements for such projects. Raspberry Pi already has camera module that is capable of making great pictures. USB WiFi stick enables it to be connected to web. Other components were connected to RasPi GPIO header. These are PIR motion module, low battery indicator, and switch.


Python software keeps track of things. First of all it monitors motion sensor. Once motion is detected, camera takes picture or video which is automatically uploaded to Dropbox cloud storage. This way pictures can be seen from anywhere and form any smart device. Also there is a LED illuminated power button, which is also monitored by Python program. Once it detects that its off, software is schut down allowing to safely unplug power supply. Another LED is used to indicate power. Camera and all components are housed in to nice laser cut plywood enclosure.

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