How small quadrocopter can be?

Arnaud Taffanel, Tobias Antonsson, and Marcus Eliasson have been working on amazing project – a miniature quadrocopter. Its size is as small as 8 cm and weights 20 grams. It uses a PCB as main frame and place for solid electronics like ARM Cortex -M3, couple gyros, 3 axis accelerometer and 2.4GHz radio module.

Quadrocopter is powered with 110mAh LiPo battery that came from RC plane. This gives about 4.5 min flight time.

It is controlled via radio transmitter, but with powerful Cortex – M3 there should be a place for autonomous flight control.

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  1. Thank you very much for the interessting information. Meanwhile there exist much smaller quadrocopter (nanokopter).

  2. hi please giveme pcb and schematic and firmware quadrocopter

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