Homebrew AVR MP3

Do you know that the combination of AVR and MP3 is one of the best electronic projects? If you’re interested with the MP3 development task, then this homebrew AVR MP3 will fulfill your desire.

The AVR MP3 that you’re going to build here is based on PIC18F458 and MMC/SD Support only FAT32. It can interface with mmc/sd to read MPEG stream and send it to decoder chip. The display is a LCD 16*2 compatible standard Hitachi HD44780.

The problem for the first version AVR MP3 is the CPU speed not fast enough to read stream MPEG file from media and send to decoder chip. To overcome the problem, you might consider building a second version AVR MP3, where it uses AVR ATmega32L MMC/SD Media and support both FAT16 and FAT32. Furthermore, it has a display on Graphic LCD (Mobile Nokia 3310 screen) and it operates with 3 volts battery!

If you don’t fancy about the version 2, then you should try the version 3 AVR MP3. This version 3 is based on AVR ATmega162 8 MHz, Media CD-R stored mp3 file (up to 150 music), a display on Character LCD 16*2 Compatible Hitachi HD44780, support 2 types of files (Audio CD and *MP3 format).

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