Home Hints for A Stain Proof Life

It’s an easy question – what would you do if you found a stain on your favorite shirt? I’m sure most of you would first swear, and then run for the detergent. As long as the stains warrant something as harsh as a detergent, it’s fine. However, there is so much that you can know more about common stains and removing them, that your over reliance on detergents will appear naïve to you. Here, I share some of the most useful stain removal tips that I’ve gathered in the past few years of living a life in a household with kids, the worse carriers of stains.


Common Stains, And How to Remove Them

Sweat stains, deodorants, and blood – These are certainly among the common and sticky stains that one is likely to face. After initial water treatment, it might help to add salt on top of the wet stained portion for the staining chemicals to leech into the salt particles. Since you will find salt pretty easily, it makes for a good stain removal tip to remember. So, the next time you come out of the pub somewhat dismantled and with your shirt colored red and yellow with wine stains, do not hesitate from some immediate water treatment followed by salt seasoning.

Tea, coffee, tapes, and grass stains – For those who tend to enjoy sipping their coffee mugs while sitting in a grass bed, all these stains could be had in one session! Thankfully, you have my smart little tip to help you out. Mild acids are great to disintegrate stain particles coming from coffee and tea spills. Also, grassy imprints and mildew can be easily handled using such mild acids. Vinegar and lemon juice are two great stain removing agents to keep handy for alleviating such stains. A word of caution here – don’t use these acids on woolen clothes.

Pigment passed stains – Rubbed your jeans against a wall? Dropped your lipstick on your top? I prefer oxidizing bleaches like hydrogen peroxide to treat stained surfaces immediately in such scenarios, and almost invariably find a quicker and neater clean every time. I’d suggest that you dilute these bleaches before using, so that the impact on the cloth can be made mild.

Ink marks – Another common stain! I strongly prefer the application of a few drops of glycerin on the stained area. Glycerin is easily available, inexpensive, and can effectively pull stains from inks and dyes out of the fabric.


More on Ink Stains

Ink stains are easily among the scariest ones that I have ever experienced. I have learned quite a few lessons the hard way, and the lesson about storing opened ink cartridges properly is right at the top of the list. There’s hardly an experience more painful than having your entire attire spotted with ink, only to realize that you’ve stained the newly painted walls of the house with your ink clad hands! Well, that has happened to me, and I’d rather jump over to my lessons about ink cartridge strong rather than harping over my misfortunes! Here are my top tips for storing opened ink cartridges –

  1. When you buy a new ink cartridge, do not throw it’s packing away, and use it for storage.
  2. Use a clear wrap or cling film to cover the surface of the ink cartridge, so that ink does not have an outlet to ooze out.
  3. Keep a damp paper towel or napkin along the ink cartridge, and place the two in a zip-lock.
  4. Leave some air in the zip-lock bag for the moisture to dry out.

A cocktail of my experiences with stains

Let me pour out all my key findings from my experiences, failed experiments, extensive reading and even more arguments with my better half, about some stain removal best practices, that could be the difference between a removed and a permanent stain.

  1. Do not panic, but do not wait either! Stains tend to fall in love with your clothes and carpets if you let them stay there for more than a few hours. So, grab your stain removal equipment as soon as you see a staining spill.
  2. Wash it? Dry clean it? Or just rub it? There’s so much you can do to give first aid to your stained stuff. However, it is always best to see the instruction label, especially when you are dealing with apparel, before getting down staining removal.
  3. Using any of the methods I suggested above?  Be smart and test the effectiveness out on a small and less visible area of the stained material before doing the complete thing.
  4. Remember the golden rule of storing nefarious stain monsters such as opened ink cartridges. Fifteen minutes invested in storing ink cartridges properly could easily mean 2 days saved in crying over your spoiled computer tables, hands, and clothes.
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