Home automation controller with Ethernet access

There are so many things you could automate at your house. Lights are one of the first things that come to the list. But there are more you can do. For instance, heater control, ventilation, security or even coffee making. The list can go on and on. Jonathan shares the tips on how to build a home automation controller that could be used for most of these purposes.

The hardware is based on Arduino with Ethernet shield and 8-channel relay driver shield. It doesn’t have relays on, but have all circuit that can drive most of relays by using only two Arduino I/O pins. Sheld is driven by I2C interface meaning that you can stack more than one shield to get more relays. Another neat feature is that Arduino is powered through PoE (Power over Ethernet). The software is rather simple – Arduino runs a Web server where each relay can be controlled through web interface. If you need more specific control options or different interface, you just have to work on that code part.

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