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High amperage motor controller

There has been many developments of Arduino based motor controller boards and shields. They work great with most low power motors but when you need to do more serious motor driven project, then you find that most of those shields aren’t capable to drive bigger motors. Arc Robotics decided to change situation by offering affordable 43Amp Arduino motor shield.


They are running kickstarter campaign. They designed controller to be flexible, powerful and easy to use. Arc-Controller can run as standalone motor driver because there is an Atmega328 Arduino compatible microcontroller. Controller can also be attached to another Arduino or other board as slave device and accept commands. It is able to drive single stepper motor up to 43Amps or couple DC motors. Controller has all necessary fail-safes installed like reverse polarity, over temperature and over current protection. Seems to be great choice if you seriously thing diving in to robotics.

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