Heart rate indicator

Heart rate is one of many important parameters in diagnosis or sports. It is easy to calculate heart rate by sensing wrist or neck pulse. This method isn’t handy at all as it occupies your hand and mind of course. Doctors use other ways to monitor heart rate which is actually a side effect of other measurements like blood oxide level or pressure. It is actually easy to measure heart rate by using simple circuit based on IR sensor.

In this case infrared sensor catches signal reflected from fingertip (different from pulsoxymeter), so no need for clip – it is enough to put a finger on top of detector. Circuit itself consists of two stages – one is a conditioning circuit which detect reflected signal changes and amplifies it to acceptable level for digital circuits. And second part is a PIC16F628A microcontroller based counter and display driver. In my opinion using clip would be more practical as pressing fingertip to sensor doesn’t seem very practical.

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